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My edits c: Enjoy! xoxo


I love my faves and I will cherish them forever ;u;


Sora Kingdom Hearts Halloweentown by Midgard1612 simply stunning~!!! It's perfection, even that might be an understatement >//< :iconblushplz: Whether you bought it or made it or even both,...

Jack Frost by juliajm15

All I can say is: speechless. It's so so so amazing! I love how you drew him! Looks exactly like him, and the colours you used really s...



She walked through the room quietly, pacing through the corridors of the last house she could remember entering. A dark presence was felt all around her, lingering closely, like something or someone was watching her. As she turned around she gasped as she encountered a hall of giant mirrors hanging from the walls, her reflection startling her for a moment. The mirrors gleamed in the moonlight, shining off one another creating some sort of light show. She watched them for a moment and felt like there was still hope, but her eyes darted further down the corridor where not even the mirror’s moonlight could penetrate the darkness.

‘Am I dreaming?’ she thought to herself. Her feet pressed onwards without her even thinking as she watched she did not get too close to the mirrors. The long shards may have been beautiful, but they also looked as if they could cut the skin in seconds. One of them, however, did catch her eye. It’s shimmering light danced in her pale green eyes as she moved closer, seemingly hypnotized by it’s beauty. She looked up to see her reflection, like any normal mirror would give and yet … there was something different about it. Her reflection gave a smirk. What is this?

Closer … closer …

Her skin was paler, almost as white as snow, her hair a slick black instead of brown and lips as red as a blood rose. But she knew this was no fairy-tale princess. This looked like a pretty little nightmare.

Closer … closer …

Her eyes were filled with darkness, ebony surrounding her bloodied irises.

Closer … closer …

The whispers she thought she had imagined grew louder.
“Who are you?” questioned the girl, staring at her former self. She swore her reflection started getting closer, her bare feet slowly exiting the mirror and touching the cold concrete of the halls. Was it the light playing tricks on her? Gradually, her reflection had fully emerged from the mirror, now standing right in front of the girl. She cupped her ice-like hands around the girl’s face, the girl felt as if she were being touched by death. She hesitantly glanced up, shivering at the bitter cold that had now paralysed her body like stone.
‘What are you doing to me…?’ the girl’s last thought circled her mind as her reflection’s black eyes had engulfed her into darkness, never to be touched by the moonlight again.

“You’re safe now.”
They say mirrors reflect what's really hidden deep within you ... inside of your soul, IF you look hard enough. But be warned, do not get too close...

Okay wow I'm pretty sure I wrote this when I was 15 or so haha but yesss I have always loved to write (whether I'm okay at it or not >.<) especially creepy things! Think of this as an early sneak peek into my Halloween-crazed mind! (Halloween is my fav time of year!) :iconhalloweenplz: Also, you're kinda getting to know 'past me' in way and I wanted to share this with you guys :3
I am actually in the process of writing another story so ~   :iconblushplz:

Anyways! Feedback is always appreciated Frosties (or should I say creepies teehee, sorry, wow that was bad) ~ Thank you! :iconloveheartplz:

Journal History


How have you all been?!?! :'D Tell me everything!

Now, this was probably inevitable, BUT ... considering the 'strict' DA rules (who still haven't said anything to me but watevs) the copyright with screencaps and all that shizzle does make me worry that I will wake up one day and everything I have mad for all of you will be gone ... I wouldn't know what to do if that happened. Sooo, a lot of haters or just people that like to follow rules suggest to me, I should move my edits to Tumblr. I had been wanting to get one of these for VERY long time, but since I was at school I already had barely a life to live ;) So I postponed it. I may be busy at Tafe, but I still have spare time to check up on my Tumblr (that I finally have which is  if you guys wanna pop in and say hey :3) BUT I was thinking about making a CeeJayFrost Only Tumblr as well, just for you guys :iconblushplz:

[It will contain mostly Jack Frost posts, but other Rotg characters and the Big Four, Frozen will be posted from time to time :3\

I'm pretty deadset on making one but I'd still like to hear what you guys think :3 :iconkyutsmileplz: I am making it for you after all so I hope you like the idea :iconpervyjackfrostplz:
Please DO NOT think I am doing this because people are complaining to me, it's been happening for a while but it hasn't stopped me fro uploading so ;D This is just something I want to add and share with more fellow Frosties and RotG lovers who might like what I do and haven't seen it yet >///< so yeah


I love you guys, thank you to all that have stuck to my side even though I am away :iconkawaiihugplz: It realllly means the absolute :iconworldplz: to me!


CeeJayFrost xoxoxoxoxox :iconloveheartplz:

I DID IT!!! ADJKFHFKHSF ---->    :iconpervyjackfrostplz:
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